Pillow Talk


For One, In A Shared Room is an exhibition of works on paper, sculpture, video, and installation visualizing the site and form of intimacy. The works collectively describe intimacy in context to the ordinary and how memory and feeling become embedded in the objects and spaces of home.

Installation view, 2017, Haw Contemporary, Kansas City, MO (photo by Brian Hawkins)

Installation view, 2017, Haw Contemporary, Kansas City, MO (photo by Brian Hawkins)

Pillow Talk is a portfolio of soft ground etchings named after a colloquial phrase suggesting intimate communication happening in bed, post-coital and naked in its honesty. Each print is a literal impression of both a gesture and a pillow case. Print’s visual language of reproducibility, multiplicity, and permanence is a foundation of my visual explorations. The works reflect my sentimentality towards physical connection over words within my relationships, particularly the way that a single touch can lovingly communicate ease, care, and yearning.